Electronic Discovery

MCB understands the importance of the expanding landscape of electronically stored information (ESI) and the evolving requirements and burdens faced by its clients. The Firm has experience with the preservation of potentially  relevant documents and  assisting clients in the most cost-effective way  to manage  discovery from  preservation  through production.


The Firm’s experience ranges from the problems of a small physician office  to  those of an entire  health care   system. MCB is well versed in  the  federal and  state rules  regarding  e-discovery and  intently follows  the developments in thisarea  of  the  law. The team works proactively, counseling clients on records retention policies, e-mail policies and  other  methods to better position them in the event of litigation.


The Firm is able  to effectively  manage  custodian  interviews to best assess the scope of ESI, and then assist clients, if the case warrants, in choosing  the most  appropriate vendor and methods of forensically sound preservation.


MCB has experience in drafting litigation hold documentation and offers guidance on how to effectively monitor such programs. We are skilled in electronic document review and utilize the most cost-effective personnel and technology at each step. By developing sound reservation methods, MCB is in the best position to aggressively pursue plaintiff’s electronic discovery thereby minimizing damages and liability claims.


MCB’s goal is to guide its clients to avoid the pitfalls that can result in harsh sanctions and undue cost, allowing the clients to evaluate and resolve their disputes on the merits without the distractions which attend ineffective document management.

MCB Result:  The Firm established precedent-setting Federal case law regarding personal injury plaintiffs andthe issuance of written litigation holds.


• In a large-scale multi-party litigation, MCB attorneys led the document  production and review of more than 1 million documents. 

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