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MCB has experience in analyzing reinsurance contracts and advises clients regarding the interpretation of the particular contract and the applicability of the clauses therein to a particular dispute. MCB’s attorneys have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the insurance market, including underwriting, policy language, premium accounting, claims administration and apportionment of legal expenses.




MCB Result: Summary Judgment Granted.


MCB successfully argued that the Northstar v. Continental antisubrogation doctrine did not apply to bar MCB’s insurer client from subrogating to the rights of third party plaintiffs and being reimbursed the amount that MCB’s client contributed to the settlement of the underlying Labor Law action from the third party defendants’ insurer.

The Firm has represented both reinsurers and retrocessionaires and is well-versed in a wide range of reinsurance issues, including the formation of reinsurance contracts and their interpretation, scope of coverage, claims handling, pre-answer security, allocation of number of occurrences, follow the fortunes and follow the settlements, right of inspection, declaratory judgment expenses and offset.


MCB has extensive experience dealing with disclaimers of coverage and in devising litigation, arbitration and settlement strategies for clients involved in such disputes.


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