Labor & Employment Article: “Religious Accommodations in a Healthcare Workplace” featured in AHRMNY’s Risk Management Journal

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Labor & Employment | 0 comments

Valerie K. Ferrier, Partner and Head of the Firm’s Labor & Employment Practice Group, wrote an article entitled “Religious Accommodations in a Healthcare Workplace,” which was featured in AHRMNY’s Risk Management Journal:

“Under federal and local law, New York employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations of an employee’s or a job applicant’s sincerely held religious beliefs or practices, as long as doing so will not impose an undue burden on the employer. This raises questions about what is a “sincere “belief, what is a “religion,” and how to balance an employer’s legitimate business needs with its obligation to reasonably accommodate an employee. In a healthcare setting, where patients’ comfort, health, and safety are also implicated, the considerations are even more fraught…”

Click here to read the full article on pages 22 & 23 of the journal.