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Employment & Labor Partners Present in Lorman Webinar: Bonuses Under the FMLA on October 28

October 6, 2015

Greg Reilly and Adam Guttell will be presenting a webinar "Bonuses Under the FMLA" for Lorman on October 28, 2015.

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Keep your company compliant when dealing with bonuses under FMLA leave.


On one hand, the FMLA prohibits employers from interfering with an employee's right to FMLA leave. On the other hand, is it interference if an employer eliminates or reduces a bonus to account for the fact that an employee was on FMLA leave? Regulations and case law have both developed and shifted since the FMLA's passage in 1993. This topic reviews the tension between the FMLA and bonus programs, the changing law and practical approaches to making bonus programs both effective incentives and FMLA compliant.


Learning Objectives

- You will be able to understand the potential conflict between bonus programs and the FMLA.

- You will be able to identify potential FMLA problems with your Company's bonus programs.

- You will be able to evaluate the potential practical implications of implementing a production bonus versus an attendance bonus program.

- You will be able to modify your bonus program consistent with the requirements of the FMLA.

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