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Labor & Employment Article: "Religious Accommodations in a Healthcare Workplace” featured in AHRMNY’s Risk Management Journal

April 2, 2020

Valerie K. Ferrier, Partner and Head of the Firm's Labor & Employment Practice Group, wrote an article entitled "Religious Accommodations in a Healthcare Workplace," which was featured in AHRMNY’s Risk Management Journal:


"Under federal and local law, New York employers are requiredto provide reasonable accommodations of an employee’s or ajob applicant’s sincerely held religious beliefs or practices, aslong as doing so will not impose an undue burden on theemployer. This raises questions about what is a “sincere”belief, what is a “religion,” and how to balance an employer’slegitimate business needs with its obligation to reasonablyaccommodate an employee. In a healthcare setting, wherepatients’ comfort, health, and safety are also implicated, theconsiderations are even more fraught..."


Click here to read the full article on pages 22 & 23 of the journal.

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