General Liability

Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP has a full complement of skilled attorneys who are experts in all facets of general liability law, and we stand ready to aggressively defend clients facing these types of claims.

General Liability
General Liability refers to legal exposure resulting from injury, property damage, and/or financial loss sustained by others as a result of negligence, actions, or acts of omission by a business or individual. Typical general liability lawsuits involve personal injury, property damage, and advertising injury claims, though other causes of action are possible.

While virtually all businesses and many individuals purchase insurance to cover the risk of general liability claims, many lawsuits seek damages that exceed the maximum amount of insurance coverage. In such cases, aggressive and highly competent legal representation is essential.


Our clients include state agencies; cities, towns and villages; school boards; police departments; insured businesses; and individuals.


Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients of every scale (from individuals and small businesses to large corporations and State bureaucracies) ensuring that you will receive thorough, forceful, and effective representation no matter what your particular situation may be.

Our attorneys:

  • Review the facts and circumstances surrounding your case to determine risk of financial exposure beyond insurance coverage
  • Develop a strong, comprehensive defense strategy which identifies and exploits weaknesses in the opposing party’s claims
  • Vigorously protect your interests throughout the discovery, deposition,
    and trial (if necessary) phases
  • Manage your case efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Work assiduously by your side to obtain a successful outcome


Specific examples of lawsuits we encounter in this practice area include:

  • Personal and third-party injury (murder, rape, slip-and-fall, apartment assault, lead paint exposure, toxic chemical exposure, construction accident, job-related injury, motor vehicle accident, watercraft accident, residential scalding, and others)
  • Personal and third-party property damage (fire losses, flooding, motor vehicle and watercraft, building repair, and others)
  • Reputational injury (false arrest/imprisonment, defamation/slander, advertising copyright infringement, failure to supervise)
  • Liabilities in the educational setting including administrative hearings.
  • Other, ranging from security officer liability and elevator liability to highway design claims and premises liability

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General Liability
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General Liability

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