Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP has served as trusted defense trial counsel and legal advisors to major healthcare providers, physician practice groups, local and national corporations, privately-held companies, governmental entities and municipalities, and individuals for more than 100 years.

MCB takes pride in its ability to provide innovative, practical and effective solutions to its clients’ legal issues. MCB distinguishes itself from other firms through the experience and talent of its attorneys and the level of responsiveness it provides to clients. Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP provides high-quality trial work and litigation legal services in a broad range of areas.

Summary Judgment Granted in Case Involving Alleged Failure to Diagnose Rare Coronary Condition

Senior Partner John Barbera and Partner Michael Bastone secured dismissal of all claims against a...

Internist Obtains Dismissal Via Summary Judgment in Case Involving Alleged Failure to Diagnose Aneurysm

Partner, Michael A. Sonkin, and Associates, Kathryn R. Baxter and Nicole S. Barresi's motion on...

Summary Judgment Granted in Lumbar Puncture Case Based on Radiological Imaging

Partners John J. Barbera, Ruth A. Ragan, and Associate, Christopher J. Daniel's motion for Summary...

Senior Partner, Kenneth R. Larywon Presents at Virtual World Ophthalmology Congress

Senior Partner, Kenneth R. Larywon presented at the virtual World Ophthalmology Congress on June...

Michael C. Clarke to Lecture for Dominican College’s Graduate Division’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program

On Thursday, June 25, 2020, Martin Clearwater & Bell's Michael C. Clarke will return as a...

Summary Judgment Granted where Court Found Plaintiff’s Expert’s Opinion in Opposition to the Motion to be Conclusory

Senior Partner Sean F. X. Dugan, and Partner, Matthew M. Frank's motion for summary judgment was...

Recommendation for Surgery Not the Duty of Interventional Radiologist

Partners, Anthony M. Sola, Daniel L. Freidlin, Elizabeth J. Sandonato, and Associate, Kerona K....

New Jersey Landlord and Dialysis Clinic Tenant Found Not Responsible for Subcontractor Injury on the Premises

Senior Partner, Sean F.X. Dugan, Associate, Emma B. Glazer, and Associate Nicole S. Barresi's...

Summary Judgment Granted in Case Involving Intermediate-Risk Prostate Adenocarcinoma

Senior Trial Partner, Peter T. Crean and Partner, Gregory J. Radomisli’s Motion for Summary...

Summary Judgment Granted in a Case Involving the Administration of Radioactive Iodine (I-131)

Senior Partner Rosaleen T. McCrory, Partner Samantha E. Shaw, and Associate Nicole S. Barresi’s...

Tall Tales by Plaintiff at her Deposition Aids in Dismissal of Wound Infection Case

Senior Partner, Anthony Sola, Partner, Thomas Kroczynski, and Associate, Kerona Samuels...

Summary Judgment Granted in Alleged Allergic Reaction Case

Senior Partner Anthony M. Sola and Associates Amy E. Korn and Fiachra P. Moody’s Motion for...

Continuing Legal Education Program Presented by Partner, Gregory J. Radomisli

Partner, Gregory J. Radomisli presented a CLE program entitled Introduction to Psychiatric...

Summary Judgment Motion Forces Plaintiff to Discontinue Case

Partner Christopher A. Terzian obtained a summary judgment for our clients in this diagnostic...

Dismissal of Abdominal Perforation Case: Tackling Overbroad Bills of Particulars and Circumstantial Evidence

MCB Senior Partner, Anthony M. Sola, and Associates, Amy E. Korn and Alexander C. Cooper, recently...

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“I’ve turned to MCB for each and every lawsuit I have been faced with because I know the Firm understands the complex nature of my practice and the importance of protecting my reputation”

Associate Vice President for Risk Management

Major New York University Medical Center

For 17 years, I have worked with other attorneys but none have come close to Mr. Mobilia’s high caliber. When meeting, he always accommodated my busy surgeon schedule and I have his undivided time and attention. He always takes the time to explain the law and its complexities. The reassurance and confidence he provides to me is invaluable. The quality of service and dedication he provides is priceless. He is a gleaming example of an individual truly dedicated to his craft and the clients he serves. Recommended 5.0/5.0

Client Review in Medical Malpractice.

“I have operated a business in New York for over 20 years, and like many other business owners, I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a lawsuit. Fortunately, I have had the honor of working closely with attorney, Valerie Ferrier. Valerie skillfully formulated a strategy all while contemplating multiple options that may arise as the legal process continued. Valerie has earned my trust as a client and is the right choice to make when hiring an attorney to help you successfully manage through a legal crisis.”

Frank Mavromichalis

Restaurant Owner, New York, NY

Ms. McCrory is is an excellent attorney who is committed to her profession and dedicated to providing high quality service to her clients. I have never been disappointed with her work product – her results were always excellent.In addition, she is a good communicator. I was always kept up-to-date and never have been kept waiting for a response to any question I may have had. Recommended 5.0/5.0

By: Deputy General Counsel, New York, NY

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