Physician Alert: Vishing (Voice Phishing) Campaign Targeting Doctors

Physician Alert: Vishing (Voice Phishing) Campaign Targeting Doctors

Physicians should be aware of a new "vishing" campaign targeting doctors using information available from the NYS Doctor look up website. The voice phishing campaign, which is executed via telephone, may show on your caller ID as the New York State Office of Professions. The potential attack can appear to be real as the caller, who may identify themselves as an employee from the New York State Medical Board, may use the doctor's name and license number. The caller may then state that the doctor's license has been used in illegal activity and is under investigation. The caller may then pass the doctor to an "investigator" who provides false information about the alleged case with the goal of collecting more personal information from the doctor or in some cases to collect money.

Physicians should be aware of this method, alert your staff and use caution when providing any information over the telephone.

The New York State Office of Professions has issued the below statement regarding the scam on its website:Beware of Voice Phishing—or “Vishing”—Calls, Emails or FaxesThe New York State Education Department (“SED”) Office of the Professions (“OP”) is alerting everyone to a vishing scam that has been brought to our attention. Phishing—or “vishing”—scams impersonate SED employees attempting to collect licensure and personal information from the licensee.

If you receive an inquiry which you believe to be suspicious do not provide any information. To verify if the inquiry was from OP contact OP directly using the contact information on the OP webpage at

You may report suspicious calls to the Federal Trade Commission at:

This alert was published by Kenneth R. Larywon, Esq. and Thomas A. Mobilia, Esq.